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We Are Professional

Welcome to ShikshaKiran

We are ShikshaKiran (SK), sister concern of Pragati Consultancy a Bangalore based educational consultant who help both Indian and foreign students get seats in colleges/universities of their desire. We at ShikshaKiran have placed more than 1000+ successful students in colleges and universities across Bangalore. For many parents and students alike getting in to those prestigious Institutes is still a dream, as they do not know how to get admission in such prestigious institutions. We are here to help such parents and students in achieving this goal.

What we do

Basically we offer services for education consultancy, advice on career and placement. These are very vital information required questions for any parent or student who is researching colleges/universities to attain the nest of education and social fitness. For the past 10 years, this is just what we have been doing.

Students and parent alike approach us to get the right path for admission. When we began our educational services, we noted most of the college admissions officers were more prone to admitting students that had the potential of maturing personally and intellectually. But, soon they expected the candidates to think maturely even before matriculation. This gave us more reasons to come into inception so we could help such students in preparing for the big lives ahead.

Why we do this

India goes under the banner "education for all" but from the beginning, education has never been for all in India. Even today there are many areas in India that are not linked to the city, hence; higher education is way far, getting matriculate education is also out of the question. Nevertheless, even if a student manages to complete his/her matriculation, in unavailability of guidance they tend to drop out.

Our aim from the day of our inception has been to be able to provide high-reputed education to everyone. Our team of professionals is always on the go to find ways of getting education available to all. The reason behind us being proud in saying we have successfully placed more than 1000 students in reputed colleges/universities across Bangalore.

Apart from India, we also have our eyes on the African countries and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Out of these countries over the years Bahrain, Qatar and UAE have improved their education levels to quite an extent, the African countries, still lie below the poverty line. ShikshaKiran has been able to place many students from gulf and African countries in reputed colleges/universities in Bangalore.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to give honest and transparent consulting service for higher education in Bangalore. Our aim is in delivering personalized quality services to our students in both ethical and professional manner with the students having 100% satisfaction.

The mission that exerts our team is the experience that is on their shoulders backed by high-educated and dedicated professional band of executives who understand each student's personal profile and needs.

Our professional approach

  • We assure the students profile is attached and as per requirement only then is a list compiled for the student to choose from
  • We look into the students abilities and personal development empowering them to their fullest manner and guide for academic attainment
  • We are pledged in the excellent establishment of high-quality deliverable to the students
  • We affirm academic excellence to the students, ensuring performance-oriented system for further education. We work close not only with the prospective students but with the academic institutions as well

Our commitment

Our team's everlasting efforts and commitments are the foundation behind the 1000+ successful applications that have attained their dreams of studying in the best institute of the Bangalore, placing more with each year that goes by. Our commitment is not only for our country but also to the world's education arena. Our top focus is at par excellence with improvement in each step we take giving 100 percent in whatever we do.

Social responsibility

As any citizen of the country, we know our duties on the social front as well. Which is the reason time to time we organize social initiatives like free eye cataract operations. We also do a drive on green initiative and blood donation.

  • Go Green Initiative by ShikshaKiran: The green initiative means businesses that cause minimal harm to the living creatures or do not deplete the environment in any way. The green initiative is one reason for us doing something good for our planet earth on the way to doing well for the students. We encourage our students to be more awake on the go green initiative.
  • Blood Donation: Another social initiative is our blood donation camps. In our blood donation camps, we encourage our team, students, parent and the public to donate blood for a good cause.
  • Our future plan: In the coming time we intend to help more and more students from India and foreign countries in achieving quality education in India and abroad. We also intend to create more opportunities that are employable by providing professional training programs.

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