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Dear Students,

As you know, there is a cutthroat competition hovering above each of you, you see an endless stream of streams to choose from, that hampers your decisiveness, yet excites you equally and consequently makes you subjects to worry.

Bright future awaits you with many exciting options to choose from. You never know what time has for you in store. So look out with us from amongst the most promising careers that life has to offer you!

Need to get counseled

Many of you do not pay heed to the importance of deciding a career for yourself before you pass out 10+2. You do not attach importance to it and defer this ‘most’ important decision of your life. And that is why we find many of you loitering even after passing class 12 and are still rudderless and steer less. The most apt time to decide about yourself and your life is before you pass out Class 12. It is not a decision of a career, but of a lifetime where you need to take action, which may affect your whole life span, or at least to a considerable extent. Career is synonymous with life and deciding a career for self-means deciding for life.

The confusion begins

Due to multitudinous career options, you find yourself bogged in confusion about the direction you should choose for your life. Many of you are somehow clear about your life goal but do not know the path that leads to it. In this situation, we, as a group of experienced consultants come to your succor and help you find the right way without hurdles and long routes.

Just in time

If you are still pursuing 10+2 or have to pursue it yet, this is the right time to hit the target and plan out for your career. The time is most ripe when you are not burdened by an urgency to hastily decide about your profession. Here, you can contemplate and think for every option that you consider on a stretch, thinking about your career and planning after 10+2 would mean that you would think when you ought to have acted. That is the time to pursue and the time before 10+2 is to plan for such pursuance.

Choosing the right career

You may tend to choose a course that allures you but is not suitable for you. This can lead you mired and there are chances that you mind end up giving up the course. That will be a serious loss of your time as well as your resources and it happens with many students who are bright ones, but they go rudderless due to lack of proper decision. Had these students consulted an expert in academics and career, they would have been tasted success and at the right time. So it’s all about decision making and it’s not as easy as it seems; because it’s not a task which can be committed single-handedly. It requires two things: your willingness and likeness and decision to convert your likeness into a reality. You need to choose a course where you find yourself compatible and happy and not to mistakably choose a career, which is transitorily attractive. All that glitters is not gold (for you).

Sometimes, you might choose the apt course for yourself but may not choose the best college or university that teaches it in the best way. Counselors get into insight of every college and university. They know how institutes work and what their faculties teach. ShikshaKiran helps you select amongst the best institutes for your studies. We give you a customized career, especially selected for the best in you.

Banking on a counselor

We are very succinct counselors aimed at hitting the right target for you. While your studies’ burden is already on you and there also lies the incumbency of deciding about your career, heading towards a consultancy is the best and most genuine option. Your career option does not only depend on the stream of your studies, but also, and more on your aptitude and affinity that is intrinsic in you. Such abilities are manifest when your aptitude meets the one who recognizes it the most. We manage your profile individually and are highly professional. We ponder over your characteristics and aptitude at the same time and try to match them with the best career possible. Many of you who know much about the career options available for you do not know enough though. We might surprise you with an endless list of career options to choose from. Here you will explore a whole new world of possibilities. Association with us makes one you a suitable career, easily. It saves time and resources. Many highly ambitious students who are even capable of achieving what they aspire falter in their aspiration due to lack of proper guidance.

Breaking the hurdles

Many of you find that the career that you choose for yourself is not accepted by your parents or family merely because such career is thought to be off-beat and unconventional: not lucrative and not promising. No worries for this at all! There is no career or a profession, which is not lucrative. Every talent and liking of yours is result oriented: and that’s why it exists in you. Here, it’s not you who require counseling, but your parents and family. We truly identify your talent and appreciate your choice and counsel your parents for the same so that your achievable ambition is not marred by lack of understanding.

Options to choose from after 10+2

  • Continuing the same stream where you are and pursuing a higher education in that
  • Appearing in a competitive exam
  • Changing the stream and pursuing higher education in that
  • Opting for a professional course
  • Opting for a vocational course
  • Planning an alternative career option in case you do not get the desired college or option

Career opportunities at a glance after 10+2

Before you make your choice, here are some of the areas where you can choose from and find for yourself a suitable career.

Career for 10+2 arts:

  • Fashion designing course
  • Event Management course
  • Mass communication
  • Content writing course
  • Foreign Language course
  • Graphic designing
  • Video and Animation
  • Short film making course
  • Law

Career for 10+2 commerce

  • Cost Accountant (ICWA)
  • Chartered Accountant
  • BBA
  • BCA
  • BAF (Bachelor in finance)
  • Banking and insurance

Career for 10+2 science

  • Agriculture
  • Textile
  • BCA
  • BBA
  • IT
  • B. Tech/BE
  • MBBS
  • BAMS (Ayurveda)
  • B Pharma
  • Nursing
  • B. Architecture
  • Mass comm
  • Web development
  • Hotel management
  • Law
  • Video and animation

How ShikshaKiran will help you choosing the right course We are academically proven counselors and are a part of a large network of students and academic organizations. We are highly updated in latest educational trends and scopes that various courses bring along them. Ours is a very organized process of counseling where we observe students’ interest and know their aptitude and consequently match them to select the most suitable career option for them.

We manage students upgrade as well so that when they pass out, they find the most suitable course for themselves. We deal practically and in a pragmatic way and do not make false promises.

Access to job vacancies

We help students get jobs who need to cover their fees on their own.

Advice for current students

Your career will be your foundation for your life ahead. We are behind you in all the decisions related to your career. Right from the process of choosing the preferred career to the next step-graduation.

Guidance on pre-course thoughts

You want to get a degree but not sure which one. No problem, we are here to guide you in finding the career that will suit you and take you to the path of a brighter future.

Advice on a specific career

Some of us have our mind fix on what we want to do. If you are one of them, you will need specific information on the course and the other necessity information like, the qualifications required to embark your path.

Career-focused courses

At ShikshaKiran we are committed in providing you advice all the way through. We offer more than 30+ courses that are highly vocational and developed to provide you with the skills required for the course you want to embark on.

Help available for higher education

You want to apply to a university but do not know which one and how. No fear, ShikshaKiran’s 24x7 advices is available for you. With the help of our consultants, you can choose the right university for you.

Please reach out to us for further discussion.

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