Admission FAQs

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Admission FAQs

1. What is NRI/management quota?

Ans: Every college reserves 10 to 15% seats under NRI/management quota. These seats are offered for admission. That means a student can directly make an entry to admission procedure, however students must meet the eligibility criteria.

2. Is it legal?

Ans: Oh, yes! What wrong in this? This is 100% legal and genuine.

3. Do I need to pay extra admission fees for admission?

Ans: Oh, yes! What wrong in this? This is 100% legal and genuine.

4. What are the eligibility criteria?

Ans: It differs course to course. For bachelor the criteria are 12th pass. Some college/institutions ask for percentage. Whereas for master the criteria are, graduate with 50% at least.

5. What kind of course do you offer?

Ans: We offer more than 30 courses. Please visit our course page.

6. Can you tell us about colleges’ affiliation and recognition?

Ans: The colleges we recommend are either affiliate or/and recognized by Bangalore University, Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), MCI, DCI, PCI, INC, and AICTE. Added to this there are many such govt. affiliation are associated with colleges.

7. What are the documents required for admission?

Ans: Well, there different types of document for different course. Here are some of them:

  • Standard 10th mark sheet
  • Standard 12th mark sheet
  • Photo

8. Can I change my branch in middle of the course?

Ans: We are afraid. It is not possible to leave the course in middle of the session. That is why we recommend you to have a one to one discussion with us, so that we can advise the right course that matches your choice.

9. I want to cancel my admission. Is it possible?

Ans: You are troubling yourself by asking this question. To answer this we would say it is possible in some cases. If you want to cancel before the session starts, college will deduct 10 to 20% of your admission fees. Once the session gets started and you want to cancel, you will lose all your admission fees. You will not get anything.

10. Do your colleges provide food and accommodation?

Ans: Yes, all residential colleges offer these facilities. If you want separate house we can arrange. You need to pay separate fees for that.

11. Do your colleges provide transportations?

Ans: Yes, most of them. Do not worry. We will give you all the details about college and its facilities during discussion.

12. What about job and placement

Ans: All most all the colleges provide placement assistance.

13. What is an educational consultant?

Ans: An educational consultant, also known as a higher education consultant, is a professional who assists the students and parents with the choice of colleges and financial aid planning. An educational consultant is capable in helping students find colleges where they will succeed. They also guide through the process of application, admission, making sure the student meets any deadline and prepares complete and effectively for the process.

14. What do educational consultants do?

Ans: Educational consultants are professionals who assist both students and parents in the college plans and the application process. They provide realistic assessment on the student’s individual strength and weakness as a prospective applicant, identifying the college and university that match the needs and interests of the student. They also provide guidance in respect to the application process.

15. What are the benefits of working with an educational consultant?

Ans: Though the educational consultant is not a replacement for the schools guidance counselor, a professional consultant will serve as a guide for the entire college and the financial aid process, which helps both the parents and students alike in feeling less stressed, more confident and better prepared.

16. What services do they provide?

Ans: They help in guiding students bound for colleges and universities in addition to having programs for students with special needs. The services range from single session consultation to comprehensive guidance service that makes the admission process quite easy. You get complete guidance on the academic program, appropriate list of colleges, standardized test schedule, essay guidance and much more.

17. What differentiates ShikshaKiran from other educational consultants?

Ans: With more than 10 years of experience and 30 consultants, we have significant experience in having guided more than 1000+ students in successful careers. Our consultants collaborate closely with each other benefiting for the students from our teams approach. We regularly visit the colleges and universities across Bangalore, share the admission trends, and see what is happening on campus with our colleagues.

18. How do I find out which institution offers courses I am interested?

Ans: ShikshaKiran is your answer. Our highly experienced team is trained in assisting you decide the correct college/university for your career, no matter which part of the Bangalore it belongs to.

19. Where does ShikshaKiran stand?

Ans: As a student, you are the foundation of ShikshaKiran. It is only to provide a better shape to your career that we have transformed our self to such extent. Studying with the best of your ability and attaining a high-pay reputed job is our goal for all of our students.

20. What are the quick facts about ShikshaKiran?

  • Has students coming from abroad
  • Has placed 1000+ students
  • Offers 30+ courses
  • Has 10 yrs of experience
  • A team of 30 consultants worldwide
  • 100% placement support

21. Whom should I give the admission fees? To your agent or to your manager or to college?

Ans: Never Never Ever, give admission fees to any agent(s). Agents are there just to guide you for admission. If you wish to pay admission fees, visit respective college and directly pay to college.

It has happened previously; agents collect the admission fees from students/parents and run away. Sometimes agents collect the admission fees from you, will take you the college and then ask you to wait at lobby and then quietly escape through back gate. Sometimes they will promise you to give admission in MBA, but later they will get your kid enrolled in BBA and swiftly escape. Always come to our office talk to the concerned/authorized person, and then act accordingly. ShikshaKiran is always there to help you.

Please note: We collect admission fees through DD (demand draft)/bank cheque in favor of respective college that is payable at Bangalore.

ShikshaKiran holds no responsibilities at all, if you give cash, self-cheque, or any form of cash to any unauthorized / unofficial person outside our office premises. You must come to our office and meet the concerned person before you give admission fees.

Should you have any further queries/doubt towards admission guidance please free to contact us. We want you get all your doubt cleared before you take admission.

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