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Admission guidance for international students

Over the years, India has become an emerging superpower. Today all want to be part of this success full energy. Not just for business but for education as well. India is soon becoming the favorite education hub for domestic and international students mainly Bangalore.

We at ShikshaKiran familiarize the international candidates with the Indian culture along with the minute details and the nuances of the Indian educational system. We make sure foreign candidate is clear of any previous misconception or erroneous information. Our main area of focus is self-discipline. Many consider cultural diversity being the barrier between two countries but we prove theses culture diversities as the bond that ties the international students to the rooted of the colleges in India, especially in Bangalore. Before the candidate comes for a discussion, we make sure the candidate is well prepared and has complete focus on his/her application essays and they are well written. Apart from emphasizing on their individual strengths, we eliminate any mis-interception that could be a disadvantage.

What we have to offer based on our personal and professional experience?

  • Guide you through, right from documentation to career counseling in your choice institute
  • We make sure no document is left behind, avoiding any hindrance
  • Correct lodging information for stay (long or short term)
  • Complete local area information and daily basic advice
  • Necessity information required to stay in India
  • Complete guidance in professional services, thesis, mentoring and tutoring

Act as guardian

We never forget our international students who come across oceans from their home and land, hence; keeping in touch with cultural ties we offer round the clock guidance to our candidates. Not just in choosing the correct college, but the right course as well. As we have students coming from abroad to study in Bangalore especially, we make all the suitable arrangements required so they have a hassle-free stay during their semester’s duration. We specialize in the engineering and management streams. Our fleet of 30+ consultants will assist you throughout your term.

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