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ShikshaKiran is one of the few experienced consultancies that has been giving the right directions to the career of students. We assist a scholar in all aspects of education whether it’s training, placement, studying abroad, admission or educational tour. We assess your profile with keen observation, match your skills keeping in mind your interests and abilities and then finally guide you in the way, which is most appropriate for you. If you are seeking admission in an indigenous university, we assure you get the best one that suits you. We also guide you and get trained if it is necessary for your career. We manage education tours abroad and also help you secure a job when it comes to getting you rightly placed. We see that you are placed where your skills match the best.

If you are looking for admission abroad, again, you will end up finding ShikshaKiran as the best guide. We are linked with various universities abroad and our counsellors are very much abreast with the latest trends in the education sector there. We assist you from the very beginning till the end and make sure you reach your destination. In the process, we train you for clearing the tests that are required for the admission abroad. Moreover, we help you in Visa documentation and interview guidance. We also assist you to get work while you study and make sure that you settle down with ease.

Here are top ten reasons as to why you should choose us

  • Experience and quality garnered by us over the years is a proof to our excellent services. We do not boast about our experts’ qualifications, it is already accentuated.
  • Most of the services and consultancies that we provide are free of cost. So you need not think twice before you come to us.
  • We do not compromise with quality and give you what is best for your career.
  • Our counsellors are qualified experts who are keen in understanding the industry trends.
  • Our links with the reputed universities within and abroad that give you what is best-suited institution for you.
  • We have an all-round expertise in all sectors and platforms of education.
  • We provide in-house training for IELTS and TOEFL or other exams that demand for a requisite to get you through the gateway of admission abroad.
  • We help you find work while you study.
  • We are accredited by various education societies.
  • We give you timely and result oriented guidance.

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